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How to get it

First, you can download the program from the "Downloads" page without to have to register you. If you don't want to see more, a dialog box before of any operations, you'll have to be registered. Go to the "Get register code" page.

If you want to get it without restrictions you'll have to send me the serial number which it's in the 'About dialog box' from the help menu in the LanDTM program, (graphic window). Fill out the next form to get the register code.

Like I've already said you can get the program fully free if you are a student o educational center. I'll don't verify it, I'll trust you.

Other option to get the program fully free is to change it for your collaboration. In the "Collaborate" page you'll be able to see the things I need for the program, but I'm open to suggestions.

You can help me with the translation to other languages. English, French, Italian, Esperanto, etc; any translation will be welcome. In the program there is now two things to translate; the manuals and the owner program. I explain step by step as you have to carry out the translation of the program in the "Language file" page. The translation of teh manuals should be saved in a WinWord file, ".doc", and I'ld prefer you'll capture the images in the language translated, but I can do it for you if you don't want or you don't know as to do it. After the translation is done, you can send me it to my e-mail.

Other way of collaboration could be to write about of the program in forums, news pages, blogs, etc. In other words; advertising, and if it's good so much the better ;).

And, if you want to make me happy, very happy, you can make a donation and, It's sure I'll follow developing very much happy ;). For one dollar to one million of dollars :p.

I can promise the program always will be distributed in these ways; all the future versions.

The program has'nt support and if you'ld want support or any short curse, you write me and we'll agree us.

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